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Related article: Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 04:26:33 -0800 (PST) From: michaelkevin pittman Subject: Adventures with My Daddy part 3 (Bill's turn)This story is a work of fiction. Although the characters are all based on fact, this never happened.... (well except in the recesses or my dirty little mind)Thank you to all of you who have written. i hope you keep enjoying it... For those of you here for the first time, well.... if you aren't supposed to be reading this, then don't... its that simple. if you are offended by incestuous, group, MM, Mb, ws or stuff like that i suggest you stop now.this aint no Disneyland..... and we definetly arent in Kansas... My name is Bill. I'm mikey's dad. This is my part of the story for awhile... About the time i turned 12 years old, (Pete had just turned 14) Becky came into our lives... Becky was 13 and she "fit" in between Pete and I like the teeth of a set of gears, and smooth as silk besides. She had had polio when she was 8.. It left her with a knee brace, but it never stopped her. If you were to look the word "tomboy" up in a dictionary, I swear it'll probably say, see Becky. Up until this point, Pete and I had been pretty much inseparable. Becky came along and, well, to us anyway, it was us three against the world. Becky knew about Pete and me. The three of us had discussed it... We had even shown her some things. She was curious, interested, intrigued alittle, but never overly excited by the whole "sex thing". So things pretty much continued the way they were with Pete and I... Saturdays were "our" day. That was the day we went exploring (usually we were looking for another bathroom like the one behind the gas station.) I remember one Saturday that probably changed our lives... Mine, Pete's and especially Becky's.... but i get ahead of myself... We both had the same house rules.... Our parents all pretty much said the same thing verbatim... "Saturday is your day.. what you do with it is your business... as long as you are in the house by the time the street lights come on, the world is out there, go check it out... And we did. One Saturday, At Would You Believe? 7am, Pete and i took off on our bikes.(Pete Little Nude Lolitas taught me how to ride a bike not long after he himself had learned...) Pete had heard about a truckstop not far from where we lived... but still a good hike for a 12 year old like me.) In about an hour, we arrived at the truckstop. It had the usual look, smell, and yes , even taste of what a truckstop should be... Except for one thing.. If you went past the gas pumps and the little resturaunt and out a ways even further out back behind where the last line of trucks were parked, was a little building. It was all that remained of the drive- in movie place snack bar, that had been closed for years. it abbutted the rear of the property that was owned by the truckstop. They ended up buying that too.... whatever plans they may have had for it, they all must have fallen thru, because the only improvements to the property done were; the screen had been torn down, and the chain link fence between the 2 properties was gone. This little building was open... it had no electricity, but it still had running water. the only things left inside of the building were the toilets and stalls in the bathrooms urinals in the mens was one long trough. The room was illuminated by the windows at the top of the 2 corner walls, and whatever light came thru the open doors. Pete walked in like he owned the place, and I was right behind him.... There were three men at the urinal.... that was pretty normal, except for one little thing.... they were all naked and they looked alot wetter than just sweaty from the heat... We headed for the stalls, the first one we came to was ocuppied, so i went into the next, Pete stopped at the occuppied stall.. the door swung open and then i saw Petes kness on the ground and from the sound of things, I could tell that Pete was licking somebody bigtime... I peeked around ino the stall, there was a big ole bear of a man in there around 50, naked, his kees were pulled up to his chest, and Pete was busily sucking and licking everything he could get his tongue to... I heard water splashing so i crept over to where the guys at the urinal were. One guy was lying on the floor and the other 2 guys were squatting down by his head... they were both pissing as the guy on the floor would alternate his mouth between the 2 flowing streams. So, i went over and squatted down on the guys face and pissed on his belly and cock while trying to get both of those uncut dicks in my mouth at the same time. Pete got fucked (and feltched- by me) for the first time that day. I spent most of the morning over in a corner with a nice man. He was around 50, not much taller than me, (and i wasnt 5 ' tall yet...) he was well built, but he didnt work at it. and he loved to eat ass as much as i did... Something else happened that day. We met Tony and Phil. Tony was the son of one of the owners of the truckstop...... Phil was his uncle. Because we met that day, the four of us began a relationship (for want of a better word) that lasted over 30 years. By the time he was 19, Pete was working full time ( and getting very well paid for it) as a truck mechanic. Thanks to Tony. Phil was there the day I made my first down payment on my first truck. I had a license to drive this truck because of Phil. I had my first "client" who paid me very well for the services that I was able to render because of that truck, because Phil recommended me for the job. This was the basis on which the trucking firm that Pete and I formed years later... and all because we met these 2 guys Tony and Little Nude Lolitas Phil on a Saturday morning.... There's still more to this....Like it so far? Great thats what I'm here for.... comments? suggestions? Flames ignored... Just because safe sex isn't practiced in this story, It doesn't mean that one shouldn't.but as i said before.... this aint Disneyland and we aint in Kansas anymore...
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